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Care Provider


Elisa Cornejo

I graduated from UCLA in 2010 with a BA in Linguistics and Psychology. I studied Language Acquisition, Developmental Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology, among other things. After graduation, I continued my studies at Cal State Fullerton where I was preparing to apply for the MA program in Communication Sciences and Disorders to become a licensed speech pathologist. It has been my life-long dream to help others, and especially work with children; but, as life often does, I managed to throw myself in a different direction after I met my hard-working, charming husband during my academic preparation. It has been a wonderful hiatus, which has rewarded me with our three beautiful children, but I am now ready to get back on track and fulfill what I know I am meant to do. In May of 2020, right after the pandemic hit, I made the decision to become a family child care provider. With the support of my family, I am here today hoping to impact the life of your little one by providing a safe, joyful place where he or she will always feel welcome and loved.

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